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MONUMENT NO. 1092894


The monument includes a large rectangular moated monastic grange 300 metres south west of Winsetts Farm. The monument measures 190 metres north-south by 100 metres east-west. It survives well on its eastern and southern sides, where the broad U shaped moat ditches survive between 8 metres and 10 metres wide across their tops, 4-5 metres across their bases and 1.25 metres deep. The western moat arm has been modified to form a modern field drain and the western half of the northern arm has been infilled. The remains of a building platform survives towards the centre of the moated island and a fishpond survives as a buried feature in the north west corner of the moat. The moated site formed a grange of Thornton Abbey which was founded as an Augustinian priory in 1139 and elevated to abbey status nine years later. Scheduled.

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