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A medieval motte and bailey castle, probably constructed between 1085 and 1127, and surviving as an earthwork. It was known as Lydbury castle in the 12th century. A fragment of early wall survives on the motte. The motte is 44 metres in diameter across the top, 3 metres in height on the south and 1.5 metres on the north, being situated upon the highest local point on a gentle south facing slope. The bailey to the south is oval sloped in plan, measuring 80 metres east to west by 70 metres north to south and falling in this direction some 50 feet vertical height. The castle was used as a bishops' palace throughout the medieval period and fell into ruins in the 17th century. A bowling green was created over part of the site in the 18th century. The probable earthwork remains of the castle bailey were mapped from aerial photographs. Scheduled.

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