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Castle, probably late 13th or early 14th century with later additions and alterations. Castle 'motte', 'bailey', outer enclosures and ponds surviving as earthworks. Remains of stone tower 'keep'. Alleged site of chapel. The tower is 14 metres by 12 metres in size and has a small projecting stair tower at the south west corner. The mound stands on average 2 metres above the outside ground level, and has a base diameter of 32 metres. The 'bailey' measures, internally, 35 metres north to south by 30 metres transversely and contains the site of at least two buildings. The outer enclosure, probably a garden, is 70 metres in length and the south side 130 metres in length; it contains the remains of ponds, walkways and/or buildings. Scheduled. The earthwork remains were mapped from aerial photographs as part of the NMP Marches Uplands Mapping Project, and surveyed at Level 3 in 2005.

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