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The site of a demolished house, built for Ashton Nicholas Moseley between 1820-1825. In 1936 the house and 382 acres were purchased by Derby Borough Council and the site was used as an office for RAF Volunteer Reserve Training Centre from 1939 and a civil airfield clubhouse between 1948-1980. In 1992 the site was redeveloped as a Toyota factory. . The design of the has been tentatively attributed to Francis Goodwin. Three elevations of the house were built of ashlar sandstone, the east elevation was rendered brick with stone drssings, while the service wing was of rendered brick. The roofs were slate. The ashlar stonework survives in storage but the roofs and the brickwork no longer survive. The house consisted of a main block and service wing to the north. It was designed in an austere neo-classical style, with hipped roofs behind a low parapet. The main entrance was in the east elevation. Export licence to Tokyo refused and the last known location was in crates in field by the A1 near Wakefield. The house was listed Grade II in 1976 but was de-listed in 2010.

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