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Remains of a motte and bailey. A fortified enclosure protected on two sides by a natural double scarp with a berm between and on the western side by a ditch and inner rampart. The triangular spur has been used to create a defensive bank of up to 10 metres in height. Within the easternmost angle of the enclosure is a small mound with a depression in the top. The mound is quite low and unusually rectangular, possibly because it is not a motte but the overgrown remains of a former structure. The bailey area has the overgrown remains of rectangular structures still visible on the ground, with some delineated by exposed masonry walls. The western edge of the site has been made defensive through the construction of a cross ditch of up to 3 metres in height. The site is intervisble with several other castle sites in the Golden Valley.
The castle appears to have fallen out of use by the 14th century, although there are no known documentary references to the site. There appears to be significant dispute over the form and nature of this site. Scheduled.

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