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The earthwork remains of a Motte and Bailey presumed to be Medieval in date and mapped from aerial photographs. The tree covered motte is 10.5 metres in height and 44 metres in diameter. The enclosing ditch is 6 metres to 12 metres in width and 0.5 to 3 metres in depth, south east to north west. The scarp around the bailey is 3 metres to 4 metres in height and the rampart, 12 metres wide, 3 metres high on the south east side, 11 metres wide and 1 metres high on the north west side. A geophysical survey of the site revealed no anomalies in the bailey area apart from drainage channels, although there may have been occupation evidence to the south. It has been suggested that the castle was built by Walter de Lacy who died in 1085, and that the castle was replaced by Longtown Castle to the north in the twelfth century. Scheduled.

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