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Earthwork remains of a Medieval castle. Excavations in 1963 suggested five phases of construction and use:

Phase 1 - a ringwork, possibly of early 12th century date;

Phase 2 - a stone castle, begun circa 1225-1250, but possibly earlier;

Phase 3 (1250-1272), 4 & 5 (1272-1377) represent further elaboration of the stone castle.

Apart from a few fragments of walling on the face of the gateway, no masonry from the castle survives. The site comprises a central mound surrounded by a ditch and outer bank. Some damage has been caused by modern quarrying. The site occupies a knoll overlooking a northeast-southwest valley which marks the England-Wales boundary. The name has not been encountered in documents prior to the reign of Elizabeth I. The modern name, in use locally, is Castle Cefn Fron. An Early Bronze Age axe, a Bronze Age spearhead, and 15th century horse trappings were found at the site prior to 1874. The axe and spearhead are in Powysland Museum. Scheduled. (1)

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