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A circular earthwork enclosure, one of the four so-called Priddy Circles (see ST 55 SW 4). The enclosure is up to 185 metres across, and is defined by a bank with external ditch. The bank is up to 6 metres wide and 1 metres high. The ditch is up to 0.5 metres deep. Three gaps are present in the earthwork circuit. The one to the north-north-east has been suggested by some to be an original feature, although clearly some excavation would be needed to confirm this. Within the interior, a mound in the north-east quadrant has been suggested as a possible ovoid barrow mound. It measures 14 metres by 9 metres and is 0.40 metres high. It is included in the scheduled monument description as a possible barrow, although given the evidence for mining and agricultural activity in the area, and uncertainty over the nature of the Priddy Circles themselves, identification as a barrow remains only a possibility at present. No dating evidence has been recovered from any of the Priddy Circles. They are generally interpreted as henge monuments (or at least Neolithic ritual monuments related to the henge class), although clearly there are difficulties with this. See the parent record and associated records for additional information.

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