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A Second World War bombing decoy site at Severn Beach. The decoy is located at Western Approach Business Park. The site covers an area that measures 120m long northeast/southwest and about 74m wide northwest/southeast. It was built by the Petroleum Board in 1941 as part of the 'P-series' of oil decoys to deflect enemy bombing from oil installations at Avonmouth. This was an oil 'QF' decoy, where fuel oil was burned in specially-shaped pools and channels lined with brick or clay that when seen from the air replicated an oil refinery targeted by bombs. The decoy was ignited electrically from a remote shelter or control building. This was also the site of a 'QF' decoy built as part of the 'C-series' of civil decoys for Bristol. It consisted of a series of controlled fires lit during an air raid to replicate a target struck by bombs, most likely an industrial site in Avonmouth. The site comprised of circular ditch that measures about 23m in diameter and a crescent shaped feature also measuring 23m end to end. These ditches would have been filled with oil and burned during an enemy bombing raid to simulate burning oil tanks. The site is now levelled and a warehouse now occupies the site. The site is referenced as being in use until 1942, but could have been in use throughout the duration of the war. Severn Beach was one of ten civil bombing decoys for Bristol. A further oil decoy for Avonmouth was located at Sheepway.

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