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MONUMENT NO. 1030491


Hollow way in Nonsuch Park. It forms part of a longer routeway known as The Portway, which extended from Leatherhead to Ewell to Cheam, passing through the village of Cuddington (TQ 26 SW 104), which was demolished in 1538 to make way for Nonsuch Palace. Almost all the trackway can only be traced as a continuous, fairly straight line in the Medieval street pattern, but at the eastern end of Vicarage Lane it survives as an earthwork hollow way. It is also a public right of way, despite having been cut short at approximately TQ 223 628 by the creation of Nonsuch Little Park. An archaeological survey by RCHME field staff in 1994 identified it as an earthwork extending for a distance of 245 metres, and had a depth of up to 1.9 metres. Dent regards the date of the trackway as Medieval, but it may be Early Medieval or Roman in origin.

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