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Late thirteenth century canopied tomb, originally within the church of yellow sandstone ashlar. Male and female figures carved on the surface, their hands clasped in prayer. The sixteenth century inscription claims it to be the tomb of the Breretons, but it is more likely to be the tomb of the Venables family. The crocketed pinnacles appear to have been added in the 17th century. When the tomb was restored in 1993 a lead coffin was discovered beneath containing the bones of a single adult. Beside the tomb and parallel with its long axis are two Medieval recumbent figures. The one on the northern side is a knight in armour with a shield and his feet resting on a lion. The one to the south is a cleric lying on his back with his hands clasped in prayer. Scheduled and listed, the canopied tomb is grade II* whilst the other two memorials are grade II.

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