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Conjectural site of Roman tower (formerly numbered turret 80A within Hadrian's Wall, now re-numbered tower 0A as a part of the western extension of the Roman Frontier along the Cumbrian Coast). No visible remains of a turret at the position on OS Hadrian's Wall Map, nor in the immediate vicinity. This position is highly speculative; the very existence of a turret west of Bowness Roman Fort is circumstantial, based exclusively on the single reference of 1707 to the supposed continuation of Hadrian's Wall west of its generally accepted termination at the fort at Bowness. This westward extension of a stone wall is not proven; the fort is situated on a sea cliff close to the high water mark, a position of some natural strength, which would be a reasonable termination of the Wall. It is more likely therefore that the westward extension to the Roman frontier, comprising a pattern of the towers and milefortlets, unconnected by a stone or turf wall, commenced at the fort, and that these occupied the summit of the worn down cliff above the raised beach, which extends WSW from the W gate of the fort in the direction of milefortlet 1. The more likely site of the supposed tower (which would be numbered 0A on the Cumbrian Coast sequence) at a `standard' measurement from milefortlet 1, would have been along this line at about NY 217 624. There is no trace.

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