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A small Roman town at Braughing close by the junction of Ermine Street with Stane Street and two other Roman roads. Its stone-built nucleus is in Wickham Field; together with a surrounding area of timber building, some of which was used for working in iron, bronze and bone. There are a number of substantial buildings, including a bath house and a probable temple, with an orderly laid out pattern of streets. Much of the town is identifiable on air photographs and excavations were carried out between 1969-73. Occupation was continuous from before the Roman conquest to late 4th century, with coins ranging from mainly Tasciovanus (20 BC - AD10) to Arcadius (383-408). The town limits have not been established.

Limited excavation during the laying of a water pipe at Wickham showed that the western end of the site lay in an area of deep riverine silt, suggesting a former course of the river. The East end, nearer the modern road revealed a series of ditches and pits dating from the Late Iron Age to Mediaeval Periods.
Significantly, finds from the site covered the period from circa 30-45 AD, a period previously thought to have been a break in occupation of the area. Romano-British material extended into the 3rd century AD.

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