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Deserted settlement earthworks situated in the northern part of The Orchard and in the pasture field to the north of Canons Ashby House. The settlement was first documented in Domesday Book when the population was recorded as 16; houses and plots of land were granted to the Augustinian Priory when it was founded in the mid 12th century, and by the mid 13th century it was known as Canons Ashby. The settlement grew during the 14th century but contracted in the later 15th century when the prior enclosed the land for sheep-pasture. The population diminished further in the 16th and 17th centuries and by the early 18th century there remained about five dwellings. The earliest part of the village is believed to be represented by the earthwork remains of plot boundaries which lie to the north side of the Adstone Road. The plots take the form of a series of small, roughly rectangular enclosures defined by banks and ditches; each plot would have contained a house and garden or yard. Further plots are evident to the north west and are believed to be associated with the expansion of the settlement in the 14th century. Running behind the plot boundaries to the east are the earthwork remains of a hollow way, representing a back lane (see separate record) The earthworks were surveyed by RCHME field staff in 1992 and have been scheduled as an ancient monument.

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