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Probable site of a stone circle at Clatford, which appears to have been destroyed by the 1880s. The earliest reference is a description (late 17th century) by John Aubrey of "eight huge stones in a circle", all of which "doe lie fall'n down". In 1723 William Stukeley referred to "twelve stones flat upon the ground in the middle of the road which seems to widen on purpose for it... Eight of them seem to lie in a circle...". In the early 19th century, Colt Hoare could only refer to these earlier sources, suggesting that the stones may already have gone. Certainly by the later 19th century AC Smith was unable to identify the site on the ground. The precise location of the stone circle is unclear; based on Stukeley's description, placenames and other documentary sources it has been suggested to lie south east of Clatford cross roads at 'Broken Crosses', or at 'Broadstones' where a widening of the road is suggested by the 1792 Inclosure Award.

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