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A Late Bronze Age complex of post alignments comprising around 950 posts discovered as part of excavation and evaluation ahead of quarrying at Barleycroft Farm. The posts roughly followed east-west and north-south axes, in 9 distinct lines. Although the posts have no absolute date, the absence of any Iron Age finds in the vicinity at the time of investigation has been interpreted as indicative that the posts are contemporary with Bronze Age fieldsystems on the same site. There was a distinct paucity of finds, which amounted to only a small number of burnt human skull fragments in one of the post holes of line 2. The post alignments are unusual as they do not appear to be enclosure lines and the lack of deposited finds would suggest it is not a purely 'ritual' site, or associated with domestic use. Also found on the site were very slight traces of two roundhouses of general Bronze Age date, as well as a pit cluster from the Early Neolithic to Early Bronze Age and pits contemporary with the post alignments. The alignments are located between two other Bronze Age sites; ring ditches and a cremation cemetery to the west and the 'Over Barrow Group' to the east across the river, and it has been inferred that the post alignments were constructed to link the two sites together.

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