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MONUMENT NO. 1448366


Remains of a tin dressing floor, one of two situated within the Upper Newleycombe Valley Streamworks. An archaeological field survey in 2006 located the structure on a level area at the foot of a west facing escarpement marking the edge of the streamworks and currently heavily affected by gorse and bracken. The site comprises small terraces defined by low revetment walls containing two approximately rectangular pits. One measures 2.2m by 2m and is heavily silted; the other is 2.7m by 1m by 0.3m deep with traces of a stone lining on the sides. There are remains of a possible building built against the bottom of the slope just to the south, where a probable stone fireplace is visible but gorse was too dense to survey this feature at the time of investigation. Documentation is not known for this site but it is likely to be late 18th or early 19th century in date.

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