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MONUMENT NO. 1446223


Medieval or later tin openworks and pitworks situated on the north slope of Down Tor on the edge of the Upper Newleycombe Valley streamworks. The openwork extends between the edge of the streamworks to a point just south of the tor and is approximately 211m long by up to 22m wide and 6m deep. The interior is filled with pits and vestiges of pits. Remains of a rectangular earthwork reservoir which supplied water to the working are also present. It consists of a cutting with 24m-long bank on the downslope side which stands to 2.5m high. Water was supplied by two leats which entered the reservoir on the eastern end. The area around the openwork is covered by pitworks including smaller prospecting pits and some larger pits which may have been used for extraction. The smaller pits are 2-4m diameter and conical in profile with crescentic spoil heaps on the collars of the downslope side. The larger pits are up to 12m diameter and 3m deep with correspondingly larger spoil heaps.

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