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MONUMENT NO. 1172972


Two irregular enclosures and fifteen associated clearance cairns on the southern slopes of Cramber Tor, to the west of Crazy Well Pool. The larger enclosure is 130m long by a maximum of 52m wide and encloses an area of c.0.37ha. The walls comprise low turf covered stony banks of up to 1.5m wide and 0.2m high. The Devonport Leat has cut through the north section of the enclosure, isolating c.0.09ha. A second, apparently earlier, D shape enclosure of 0.02ha is located within the south-east corner of the larger enclosure. An additional section of stony bank extend from the north-west corner for 53m and from the south-east a well defined bank curves away until meeting a tinwork gully, where it terminates. Thirteen of the sixteen clearance cairns are contained within the larger enclosure. All but one consist of low turf covered stony mounds, of between 2 and 4m diameter and 0.2- 0.4m high. A larger elongated cairn of 4.3m long is located 8m south of the leat. A similar example of 5m long by 2.6m wide sits 7.4m east and to the outside of the small enclosure. Two smaller cairns also exist outside the enclosure, one is north of the Devonport Leat.

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