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Entry Level Stewardship Scheme

What is the Entry Level Stewardship Scheme?

The Entry Level Stewardship scheme is a pioneering stewardship scheme which seeks to reward farmers helping to preserve historic features on their land.

Who administers the Entry Level Stewardship Scheme?

If you want to know about how the Entry Level Scheme is administered please refer to the relevant DEFRA and English Heritage guidance. English Heritage has given DEFRA information on specific archaeological sites. These have been indicated to applicants on a map supplied by DEFRA.

What information is there for DEFRA Entry Level Stewardship Scheme users on PastScape?

Using the PastScape facility you can find out more information about specific monuments indicated on your DEFRA base map. The information will include a summary outlining its date and function where known and possibly links to sources and archaeological investigations done on the site if appropriate. However if you want more general information about designated sites on your land please see the Scheduled Monuments guide for owners and occupiers.

How can I access the information for ELS contained on PastScape?

  • Choose Advanced Search from the options on the menu bar to the left.

  • DEFRA have supplied you with a base map showing the extent of the archaeological features on your land marked with identifiers comprising a series of digits e.g. 219434, which you will need to access the information on the monuments. If the basemaps are not labelled with reference numbers please contact DEFRA for an improved version.

  • Type the identifier into the Reference Numbers search box marked Defra ELS. Now click on Search. This will take you through to a results page showing the monument you wish to view. Click on the monument name to view details. You can only view one monument at a time.

  • If there has been archaeological work already done on the site it will be indicated by this symbol: Investigations
    If there are links to sources on the site, this will be indicated by this symbol: Sources used in compiling this record
    If there is a photograph of the site it will be indicated by this symbol: Pictures
    You can access this information by clicking on the icons in the actual record. Modern and old maps of the area can be accessed too but these will not have the extent of your monuments marked. DEFRA supplies you with the latter.

  • If you want more information on the specific monument click email us on the Advanced Search page or use the NMR Enquiry and Research Services link at the end of the individual monument record.
    If you wish to make general comments on PastScape please use the Feedback form, available from the side menu or from the bottom of the Advanced Search page. If you would like to report an error in the factual content of the record please use the "Comments" link situated at the end of individual monument records.


For further information please email us