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An Anglo-Saxon inhumation cemetery found and excavated at Valetta House (now Bradstow School) in 1910-11. Some 15 inhumations with accompanying grave goods were discovered. Two ring-ditches with 9 associated crouched burials, probably of Bronze Age date were also discovered, although later intepretations have also postulated an Iron Age date. Further excavations between 1970-4 located another 98 Saxon inhumations, including a nucleated group of warrior graves. Some of the graves had associated structures, one possibly a canopy support, and at least one was surrounded by the ditch of a ploughed-out barrow. It was thought that the cemetery had still not been fully excavated when the excavations were terminated. The cemetery started in the late 5th century, but was most intensively used in the period 600-800. Most of the graves were aligned East-West, although those on or near the central mound are sometimes tangential to it. There were twice as many male as female inhumations. Many of the graves had structural features, including post-holes, sockets, ledges and small ring ditches. Several of the graves appear to have been robbed soon after interment. Excavations in 2003 revealed further graves of the 7th century and also a feature which was either possibly a section of the barrow ditch noted previously, or a later quarry pit.

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