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The remains of a badly damaged cairn, centred at SX55906325, are visible on the summit area of Saddlesborough at 302m above OD. The area has been extensively disturbed by tin prospecting pits and surface stone cutting pits; the granite outcrop, which is a small tor, bears numerous wedge and drill splitting marks. The shattered `mound' of boulders and stones with numerous holes, trenches and pits lies against the remains of the tor. It measures very approximately 2.0m across and 1.6m high. The extent of the disturbance and damage to the summit area indicates that it has been heavily disfigured such that identification of the type and form of this monument remains a matter of opinion. However, as Quinnell obliquely suggests this could be the remains of a tor cairn (c/f Showery Tor on Bodmin Moor). It could have been extensively damaged when the tor was reduced by the stone cutters. The summit affords dramatic panoramic vistas in almost every direction. Investigated and surveyed at 1:2500 scale as part of the RCHME Shaugh Moor project in 1997. Collection number 1101512.

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