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SX56016317. The remains of an impressive, though extensively disturbed ring cairn are located on a gentle south-east facing slope 130.0m from the summit area of Saddlesborough at 298m above OD. It survives as an amorphous turf-covered ragged `rim' of stones and small boulders which measures overall approximately 15.5m (north-south) by 17.4m and a maximum of 0.8m high. It may have originally been a platform cairn. The `rim' which is anything from 2.5m to 4.0m wide is on average 0.5m high. The permimeter of the cairn is ill-defined in places but there are three edge-set (kerb) slabs on the west side. The interior has a slight, amorphous rise in the east quadrant but on the otherside it is uneven and featureless; no boulders are visible. A gap in the south side may indicate recent disturbance. A number of large tin pits lie immediately to the east. Investigated and surveyed at 1;2500 scale as part of the RCHME Shaugh Moor project in 1997. Collection number 1101512.

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