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Two prehistoric round barrows situated on a gentle north-facing slope in open moorland. SX58046135, the original form and composition of this barrow is unclear - it is now visible as a well-defined flat topped mound apparently retained by a contiguous? ring of upright moorstones set within an earthen bank or scarp. The mound is a maximum 22m in overall diameter and the granite retaining ring is 15.6m in diameter. The interior is approximately 0.2m above ground surface level; some boulders within the rim protrude 0.1m above the level of the earthen bank or scarp which is on average 0.3m high. SX58046121. A round barrow composed of soil with some stone, is up to 9.5m in diameter and 0.9m high. The interior is disturbed by a central pit which is 2.3m across and 0.5m deep. A linear bank, with a vague ditch on the west side, slightly deviates around the mound. This bank may, however, overlie a reave (SX56SE119) which was probably connected to the mound.

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