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The monument includes a bowl barrow incorporated in the remains of a boundary bank. It is situated on a part of a track which runs along the parish boundary between Thetford to the east and Lynford to the west. The barrow is visible as an oval earthern mound measuring circa 29 metres north west-south east by circa 40 metres north east-south west and standing to a height of circa 0.5 metres. This mound forms the central part of a more elongated earthwork which extends at a slightly lower height, tapering gradually for a distance of circa 12.5 metres at either end of the mound along the same north east-south west axis, and which is considered to be the remains of a boundary bank. The maximum overall length of the earthwork is therefore 65 metres. The barrow mound has been reduced in height by forestry cultivation, and when first recorded was circa 2.6 metres in height. Scheduled.

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