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The earthwork and buried remains of a medieval motte castle, known as Castle Hill. The motte takes the form of a large mound, 5 metres high, enclosed by a ditch. The motte is subrectangular in plan, measuring 50 metres by 40 metres at its base, with rounded corners and steep sides to the north and east. The top of the motte measures up to 30 metres in length, sloping gently down to the south west; a level platform, 10 metres in width, at the north eastern corner may indicate post-medieval alteration. The ditch enclosing the motte on the east and north sides is visible as a depression measuring up to 6 metres in width and up to 0.5 metres deep. The southern ditch arm has been infilled but survives as a buried feature visible on aerial photographs. The western arm has been partly infilled and is now marked by a shallow depression. A low bank marks the outer edge of the north western corner of the ditch. Scheduled.

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