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The earthworks and buried remains of Oldbury Camp, a univallate hillfort. The hillfort utilises a prominent ridge which rises to the west of the village of Hartshill and occupies an area of some 2.8ha. Traces of the hillfort's defensive earthworks, a bank and external ditch, are visible along the north east, north west and south west sides. The best preserved section of the bank forms the north western defences to the site. It is visible as an earthwork, with a maximum width of 6.5 metres at its base, although its central section has been breached. Much of the external ditch has been infilled but will survive as a buried feature. A causeway across the ditch at the north west corner is believed to mark the site of an original entrance to the hillfort. Oldbury Camp originally extended to the south east, but this area has been extensively modified by the construction of buildings associated with both the now demolished Georgian house, Oldbury Hall, whch occupied part of the site until it was levelled in 1948, and a reservoir which was operational by 1954 and occupies the central part of the hillfort's interior. Scheduled.

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