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A probably Iron Age multivallate hillfort is visible as an earthwork on aerial photographs, and is also known from field visits and finds. It is best seen on aerial photographs taken in 1947, though the site has been virtually levelled on aerial photographs taken in 2007. A plan made in 1822 showed that the hillfort had double ramparts, one rising above the other with an intervening ditch. On aerial photos the hillfort appears to be defined by a ditch with both and internal and an external bank, though the site has been much ploughed and the banks are absent in several places. There appears to be an entrance at the western corner, which is defined by out turned ditch termini. There are a series of parallel crescent shaped banks and an additional ditch, suggesting a probable annexe or addition to the hillfort at the eastern side, though this may have been destroyed by Camp Barn Farm. The crescent shaped banks may indicate a possible elaborate entranceway. This site has been mapped from aerial photographs as part of the South East Warwickshire and Cotswolds HLS Target Areas National Mapping Programme.

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