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A ring cairn and standing stone situated on Danby Rigg, within an predominantly Bronze Age landscape. The cairn was excavated by Atkinson in 1863 and re-excavated in 1986-99. At the centre of the ring cairn there was a 1.7 metres by 1.1 metre pit containing two Bronze Age cremation urns and a large quantity of burnt bone. The ring cairn itself is 9.5 metres in diameter and was originally formed by a earth and stone ring bank 3 metres wide and 0.5 metres high. This ring bank is well preserved on the eastern arc, but elsewhere is reduced to a narrow spread of stone. The standing stone is one of a number of waymark stones which mark the medieval footpath, one of two across the rigg, from Slate Hill at the head of Little Fryup Dale to Ainthorpe. The cairn and standing stone were also mapped as part of the North York Moors NMP Project and are extant on the latest 2009 vertical photography. Scheduled.

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