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A Bronze Age barrow cemetery comprising at least thirteen barrows, including the Horse Barrow (SU 13 NE 21). Four barrows to the north of the Horse Barrow have been excavated in advance of house building. A further two barrows, a pond barrow and a round barrow, have also been excavated at the south end of the known extents of the cemetery, in the vicinity of Salt Lane (SU 13 NE 56). The remaining seven round barrows, are visible as cropmarks on aerial photographs. The largest barrow is not completely visible and is defined by a ring ditch, with a diameter of 12.5m, surrounded by another ring ditch with a diameter of 58m. It is possibly a disc barrow or the two ring ditches may be the remains of two different phases of construction. A central pit may be the site of a burial pit. To the south, east and west of this barrow are five further ring ditches. These have diameters of 12m, 42m, 24m, 25m and 30m. The seventh barrow is visible as a ring ditch surrounding a mound and has a diameter of 35.5m. It is possible that this barrow has not been completely ploughed level. The barrows are situated on a west facing ridge overlooking the river Bourne, between 75m and 65m above OD.

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