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A Neolithic long barrow orientated northeast-southwest on a low ridge in open downland, which now forms part of the Larkhill Artillery Range impact zone. Field investigations by RCHME field staff as part of the Salisbury Plain Training Area project in 1995 found the mound almost 2 metres high at the east end, measuring 53 metres long, tapering from 27 metres wide at the broad east end, down to 15 metres. The flanking ditches were slightly curved, 45 metres long, 10 metres wide and 1.25 metres deep with a weathered edge to the south ditch. Slight traces of `celtic' fields surround the barrow and it has been severely damaged by military activity. Consequently, the mound, and side ditches, had been extensively damaged by shell-fire. A terrace had been cut along the top of the barrow's north side, it was also surmounted by an Ordnance Survey triangulation pillar, now blasted down to ground level, gunnery-beacons, and a flagstaff. J.Thurnam excavated the barrow before 1869 locating a secondary Saxon inhumation. A Bronze Age spearhead also has been found.

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