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A house built in 1957-8 by Geoffry Powell of Chamberlin, Powell and Bon for Dr and Mrs E. Rossdale. The building is raised above its surroundings on thin steel tubes, set in concrete footings, to allow space for a garage underneath. It has a load-bearing central core of Uxbridge bricks, housing an inglenook fireplace and bathroom, which rises above the roof level to form a clerestory. Surrounding this is a light timber structure containing the other rooms; living areas and dining areas to one side and bedrooms to the other. The exterior is faced in dark weatherboarded cladding framed with white-painted timber surrounds. The south east elevation has an entrance porch approached by a timber stair rising to a terrace. There are continuous windows to the left of the door with full-height opening section and roller blind above. The design provided more light to the single-storey dwelling in its orchard surroundings and was described in 1960 as 'a modern house with the character of a tree-top hide'. It is Grade II listed.

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