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MONUMENT NO. 1541041


An early 20th century waste disposal site is located on the north-western scarp of the Durrington Walls henge monument (Monument Number 219364), on the northern side of an apparent gap in the ditch of the earlier monument. It extends south-west / north-east for 72m and measures up to 20m wide. The site comprises an amorphous dump of broken ceramic and glass refuse, partly buried. The dumped material extends completely across the open side of a sub-rectangular enclosure identified on aerial photographs and assumed to be Iron Age or Roman in date (Monument Number 1122332), perhaps indicating a much later date for this feature. The dump is probably associated with the First World War Larkhill Camp, which extended to the north-west, and was recorded in April 2011 as part of English Heritage's Stonehenge WHS Landscape Project - Level 1 survey.

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