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MONUMENT NO. 1489316


War memorial. 1926. By Walter Gilbert of Birmingham. Grey granite and Portland stone with bronze statuary. Large monument in unusual form with a wide concave plinth of grey granite bearing a high sculpted wall of Portland stone flankedby bronze statues. The sculpted wall is of smooth white stone, tapering slightly and gradually taking the form of 3 monumental figures which appear to emerge from it: a soldier in the centre, a sailor on the left and an airman on the right. On each side is an over-lifesize statue of a woman: to the left, a mother in a shawl and headscarf, stooping to lay a wreath, with a cricket bat and ball lying at her feet; and to the right a wife in a flowing gown looking upwards in concern and cradling an overflowing floral tribute, with a large palm leaf at her feet.

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