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MONUMENT NO. 1474492


A possible temple complex of late Iron Age date visible as an earthwork was mapped and interpreted from lidar derived imagery as part of the Savernake Forest NMP project. The feature appears as a multi-vallate sub-rectangular enclosure. The interpretation of the site as a temple complex is based on the complexity of its earthworks; the date is based on its relationship with the Roman road that appears to cut the enclosure on its western side, which places the enclosure earlier than the road. Since the course of the road was used in part for the Marlborough to Bedwyn road in medieval and post medieval times there is a slight possibility that the slighting of the enclosure dates to some later re-use and revision, which would mean that the enclosure could be a much later park or garden feature. The documentary evidence, however suggests that the former Marlborough road diverges from that of the Roman road further south.

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