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MONUMENT NO. 1459781


A 19thc rifle range laid out within the remains of a prehistoric settlement on a open moorland hillside in the shadow of Hart Tor. The range comprises seven granite distance markers set in a line leading towards a level stance scooped into the flank of the prominent tor. Each of the distance markers is a dressed square pillar 0.4m high with 4.5cm high figures cut into the top; these represent the distance from the target at 50 yard or 100 yard intervals between 200 and 600 yards. The scoop in the hillside with a backscarp 1.4m - 1.6m in height most probably marks the position of the targets. Immediately to the NNE is a 1.3m high rectangular stony mound with some large slabs forming the front edge facing the rifle range Behing this mound is a rectangular stone- lined pit 4m long by 0.8m wide and 0.45m deep that afforded protection for the target setters; it is now rubble filled . An upright granite standing 2.4m from the pit with two drilled holes cut through it may have formed part of the communication system.

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