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MONUMENT NO. 1446212


A possible stamping mill or tin processing works situated within the Upper Newleycombe Valley streamworks. This site may have previously been identified as a tinners hut (see Monument HOB IUD 438992 for details) but fieldwork in 2006 identified it as a stamping mill, probably late 18th-19th century in date. The building measures 7.6m by 2.8m, with very little of the masonry survives. Part of the north wall still stands, and vestiges of the end walls but the south revetment wall is not visible. There are no obvious remains of a wheelpit. The probable reservoir is west of the building, 3m above it at the top of the escarpment which forms the edge of the streamworks. It is cut into the moderate slope of the hillside and has a linear bank on the north side. It measures approximately 57m long by 11m wide and 1.2m deep. The western end has been disturbed. The probable buddles are located north-east of the structure on flat ground. They consist of two rectangular hollows, now silted and filled with rushes, each approximately 3.5m by 1.5m, which merge into a single channel of 8m long.

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