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MONUMENT NO. 1407001


Excavations directly south of the St Hugh's Choir, Lincoln Cathedral, in 1884 revealed the colonia wall. The Roman wall was built on the rammed fill of the ditch of the legionary fortress. The first stone wall was built on the mid-2nd century to a width of 1.5m. In the 4th century it was widened to 3m by thickenining the internal, western side with rougher masonry. There is evidence of a postern gate cut through the wall, probably in the 3rd or 4th century. An interval tower was added directly in front of the postern, making the postern redundant, but no direct evidence of its date was found. It post-dates the postern and predates the construction of the east transept of the cathedral in 1192. Since it is very unlikely to be of the Anglo-Danish period, it is either a late Roman interval tower, or dates to the period 1068-1192. If it is Mediaeval, it is the first interval tower to be identified at Lincoln.

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