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MONUMENT NO. 1399928


A manor house is recorded at Westbury from 1200, with the early buildings probably standing south of the present gardens (SO 71 SW 10). The first house to be built on the site of the later buildings was probably built before 1524 and is depicted as an L-shaped house of two storeys with a large oriel window. This house was altered circa 1620 but was destroyed by fire in 1742. It was replaced between 1743-6 by a four storey brick-built house, possibly occupied only between 1780 and 1805, when it was dismantled and the building materials sold. A new house was constructed in 1895, incorporating an 18th century garden pavilion. The 19th century building was demolished in 1960, but the garden house survived and was rebuilt after 1968. The house was garrisoned during the Civil War.

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