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A military airfield, which was officially opened in 1941. The area had allegedly been used as a relief landing ground for Cranwell during the late 1930s. It was redeveloped in 1943-1944. By 1944, the airfield had 3 runways with conrete and wood chip surfaces, six T2 and one B1 type hangars, and 50 hardstandings. There was temporary accomodation for the airfield personnel. After redevelopment this it was used from 1944 to march 1945 by the 9th United States Army Air Force, 61st Troop Carrier Group (14th, 15th, 53rd and 59th Squadrons). They flew C-47 aircraft towing Horsa and Waco gliders. The crew complement at that period was 1387 men. The 507 Parachute Infantry Regiment was camped nearby, and the airfield was involved in operations for D-Day and Arnhem. For a brief period 349th Troop Carrier Group used the base before moving to France. From July 1945 to 1948 256 Maintenance Unit the Royal Air Force used the base, along with Number 2 Royal Air Force Regiment. From May 1948 until the present (2003), the base has been used as a satellite and relief landing ground for RAF Cranwell. It is also the home of the Joint Elementary Flying Training School for student pilots. From 1983 to 1990 it was also the site of a Bloodhound missile site (recorded as TL 94 SE 38).

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