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Remains of an early 20th century engine house and dressing floor situated on the east side of the Redwater Valley beside the Challacombe track and within Soussons Plantation at Golden Dagger Tin Mine. The site represents the 1920s activity at the tin mine under the ownership of the Torr Trust Company Limited.
An archaeological field survey in 2002 recorded a narrow concrete foundation which supported a galvanised shed bolted to the concrete. The overall dimensions of the base are approximately 27 metres by 6 metres. The concrete bases of several pieces of plant survives within the floor, complete with rusting threaded studs, including plinths for the Petter engine and the magnetic separator. At the south end of the terrace are two earthwork hollows, one of which is likely to be the rectangular buddle shown in a photograph of 1927. Two well-preserved circular buddles complete with concrete central cones survive on the exterior of the building, one just to the west of the track. They have diameters of 3.8 metres and 5.4 metres. The latter has intact masonry lining around the diameter and a concrete floor.

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