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MONUMENT NO. 1362163


Remains of a tin stamping mill and dressing floor situated on the east side of the Walla Brook within an earlier gully associated with an area of streamworks which would have been long disused when the mill was built. The site served the Golden Dagger Tin Mine. An archaeological field survey in 2002 recorded a stone wheelpit with stamps area attached to the east and a level terrace, with revetted rear wall cut into the base of the gully forming the dressing floor. On the dressing floor are four shallow hollows which represent remains of the buddles; each had its tail running into the base of the earlier channel, which also served as a tailrace on the western end below the wheelpit is a substantial raised 50m-long leat embankment which delivered water from two leats. The earliest date for this stamping mill and dressing floor is not known but it is of design and layout which was common on Dartmoor from the 1790s to the 1860s. It was abandoned by 1884 when it was depicted but not annotated on the Ordnance Survey first edition 25-inch map.

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