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MONUMENT NO. 1362082


Earthwork remains of medieval and later tinworks situated on the north facing slopes of Bush Down. An archaeological field survey in 2002 recorded three main openworks, which are partially interconnected in places. The tinworks consist of narrow linear, trenches with a V profile. The longest is approximately 580 metres in length and the average width is 8 metres. The larger openwork has remains of two dry reservoirs associated with it on the south side, consisting of crescentic earthwork banks of 25 metres and 38 metres long with central sluice openings, from which leat channels lead into the tinwork. A third reservoir served the remainder of the workings. It consists of a well-preserved linear bank of 27 metres long with a central sluice opening and return banks at both ends. The tinworks are not mentioned specifically in any known documentation but are likely to date to between 1450 and 1750.

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