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MONUMENT NO. 1344295


A row of workers' houses including the Captain's house at Birch Tor and Vitifer Tin Mines. The three houses are situated on the eastern lower side of the Redwater Valley. An archaeological field survey in 2001 recorded the main building the captain's house, which is likely to be the oldest, possibly of 18th-century date. This was a two storey stone house of typical Dartmoor appearance. A large half timbered building was added to the southwest end sometime after 1905 which is recorded as the miners' house and on the northeast end of the captain's house a further stone cottage was added. The approximate overall dimensions of the whole terrace of houses is 30 metres by 6 metres. The walls survive only to foundation level and the interior and exterior is contains fallen stone which is now covered by turf. Foundations of some interior partition walls survive. On the northern side are a series of small enclosures, incorporating a garden plot and livestock enclosures. An outdoor privy was also present. A photograph taken in 1912 show all three houses extant.

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