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MONUMENT NO. 1339548


Remains of a tin dressing floor and stamping mill situated on the east side of the Redwater Valley which served as the main processing area to the Birch Tor and Vitifer Tin Mines and is documented on the Ordnance Survey 25" map of 1885. The site is likely to have pre 1850 origins but in 1903 it was modified and enlarged. An archaeological field survey in 2001 recorded few features as the site was used to deal with unexploded bombs during World War II . Much of the area was wet and boggy and colonised by dense shrubs. A deep eliptical crater marked the site of the wheelpit and the walls and chimney of the roofed dressing floor have been reduced to an amorphous mound of rubble. Two circular buddles are visible and the stone-built leat embankment survives in good condition above and to the west of the wheelpit.

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