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MONUMENT NO. 1338412


Remains of a probable 19th century wheelpit at Birch Tor and Vitifer Tin Mines. An archaeological field survey in 2001 recorded the structure situated within a hollow of 37m by 12m and measures 11.2m by 3m and is wider in the centre giving it a convex shape. There is evidence of a retaining wall on the east and south sides of the hollow and at the western end a granite built conduit is likely to have been to convey the flatrod through the undulating ground to Engine Shaft. Water to turn the wheel was provided via a branch of the main Vitifer Leat (Monument HOB UID 1339538). The waterwheel provided power for pumping equipment at Hambly's Shaft, New Shaft and Engine Shaft . The dates of construction and abandonment of this wheelpit are not precisely known.

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