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MONUMENT NO. 1330991


Earthwork features associated with underground work at Hambly's and North lodes, at the northern part of Birch Tor and Vitifer Tin Mines which was operational from the 1780s to shortly before World War I. An archaeological field survey in 2001 identified seven shafts on the WSW-ENE alignment of the lode. All are sited on the floors of earlier openworks and consist of conical pits. The largest, Hambly's Shaft , is eliptical in shape with a maximum diameter of 18m and approximately depth of 6m. The spoil from the shaft has been dumped to the east forming finger shaped dumps. Two of the shafts, Hambly's Shaft and New Shaft were equipped with pumping apparatus powered via flat rod systems by a large waterwheel (Monument HOB UID 1338412). New Shaft also has the remains of a 7m diameter, circular whim platform.

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