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MONUMENT NO. 1316148


A mound, one of four on Galley Hill (see associated monuments). Although presumed in the past to be a round barrow, James Dyer has suggested that, along with its near neighbour TL 02 NE 42, "I no longer seriously consider them to be of any great antiquity, and feel that they are probably products of lime working or military activity in the First World War". No further supporting evidence for this interpretation was offered. However, both mounds have been descheduled as a result. No excavation is known to have occurred, although excavation in 1961-2 of the two mounds nearer the summit of the hill (TL 02 NE 8, 40) showed both to be round barrows of later prehistoric or later origin. In 1973, the Ordnance Survey recorded the mound as a probable round barrow 11 metres in diameter and 1 metre high.

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