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The now ruined Blakeney Guildhall was built in the 14th or 15th centuries and may originally have been a merchant's house. It is thought to have been used as a guildhall in the later medieval period. Today, the site consists of a vaulted rectangular undercroft constructed from brick, and above this, the ruined remains of the flint and brick walls of the upper storey. At the southern end of the east wall is a projecting rectangular structure which contains the remains of the garderobe shute from the upper level. The undercroft consists of four bays to either side of a central row of octagonal stone columns which support the ribbed vaults and is lit by three windows. The walls of the upper storey stand to a maximum height of two metres and the remains of the eastern wall include parts of the stone sills of three window openings and the brick and stone jambs of the opening to the garderobe chamber. Today the site is managed by Blakeney Parish Council.

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