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MONUMENT NO. 1311643


Remains of Upholland Priory in Church Street. The remains of this Benedictine House consist of two weathered walls of a possible rectangular building. Wall A-B stands approx. 9.0 m. in height and is composed of rough local stone. a low arched doorway - now boarded up- is visible, also, bricked-up narrow windows. A heavy growth of ivy now covers this wall. Wall B-C. is of the same composition & stands to the same height as A-B, one arched doorway - with modern wooden door - is visible in this stretch. Sandstone rubble in large blocks. These are probably 14th or early 15th century. The remains are now in use as perimeter walls of the land of the modern house 'The Abbey'. From the present condition of the walls it is difficult to judge the purposes and original construction of the building or its relationship to the remainder of the Priory, however, it was obviously of two-storeys, and was possibly, in view of its close proximity to the Church, either the Refectory or Dormitory.

L-plan walls formed by West wall with East return at South end; towards the North end of the West wall is the upper part of a depressed arched doorway with chamfered surround, and in the South wall is another doorway of similar character; otherwise, few recognisable features.

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